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Reiki is an energy healing practice from Japan meaning “Universal life energy”. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health describes Reiki as a complementary health approach in which practitioners place their hands lightly on or just above a person, with the goal of facilitating the person’s own healing response, and a return to a natural state of wholeness.


Recipients of Reiki report feelings of relaxation, well-being, reduction of pain and stress.


This practice has no religious affiliation, however, feeling a sense of your own inner spiritual connection is not uncommon.


30 Minute Session - $45

60 Minute Session - $70

Add our Amethyst Biomat to your healing service for an additional $25

meet the healers




Tim Stanek, RMT is in his fifth year as Reiki Master-Teacher with certifications in Traditional Usui and Advanced Level Reiki. As a lifelong musician he studies the applications of sound theory and applies them to his Reiki Sessions. Tim is the creator of Reiki Sound Healing, a style of Reiki that incorporates sound healing modalities into the practice, as well as producer of a line of meditation and relaxation albums under the same name.

Tim’s philosophy of healing is that we all are innately connected to our creator and our natural state, which is divine love. Everyday life can sometimes knock us “out of tune” with our natural state, leading to fear, anxiety, depression, and suffering. Reiki Sound Healing helps to soothe our minds to a scientifically relaxed state, thereby allowing us to release everything that is “out of tune” with our true divine selves, and re-tuning us with our natural state of divine love – our fundamental frequency.

*Limited private sessions and training certification for Reiki Sound Healing are available. Email for current availability or Click Here for more info on the next Reiki Attunement Workshop.



RYT 200

Reiki literally translates as spiritually guided universal life force energy. From the first time I received a session in 2012, I felt as if I had been initiated into a form of healing that I would facilitate for the rest of this lifetime. I have to say, that my first experience receiving Reiki was absolutely different from any other healing modality I had ever experienced before. I felt light shooting out of my hands, I was unable to close my hands, and I was sobbing uncontrollably for the entirety of the 20 minute session.In the years since that first session, I have been working with Tim Stanek for the last six years, and absolutely each session has certain commonalities and differences. Not everyone cries. Some people have a very soothing and relaxing experience. As far as I am concerned, we are each spiritual beings having a human experience here on earth, and the ways that we need energy to move, or the ways that we need healing, are as different as our fingerprints. I identify as both highly sensitive and intuitive, and many times information is available to me about the individual I am working with in a healing capacity. It is incredibly humbling and a beautiful way to be of service to facilitate healing in the way that has happened in the past few years of my own healing journey as a reiki master. If you have any questions, or if you would like to share with me personally what is going on to find out what specifically resonates with you and Your energy, please send me an email and we can start a conversation around what is happening in your own life and how we can move forward in trusting the timing of what is happening for your soul’s growth.




My first experience with Reiki or understanding what Reiki was, wasn't through a session but through a dream. Seeing my hands glow a golden hue as I stood over a sickly man, offering to heal him with the guiding force of the spirits. I wasn't too far off after I decided to do research into this healing method. Learning to allow myself to be an open channel for that divine essence. Becoming a vessel for healing. I've practiced the art on myself a few times before embarking on my Reiki training. With Reiki, I bring also to the healing some alchemical elements. Using the laws of polarity and vibration to tune in to the specific vibration of the energy centers and applying its opposite in order to realign the spirit and soul. Working with Reiki and the energies within the body, it becomes like child's play seeing the correspondence of the chakras, the personalities, the body's ailments, the emotions, etc. And in understanding how these aspects relate to one another, the healing process becomes fluid. Healing for me occurs firstly on a spiritual level, then mental, and lastly bodily. Tracing the blockages of energy down to the subconscious level and even down to the spirit. Purifying the essence so that its correspondences (mind & body), heal and become purified by proxy.


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