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Dharma Quest: Discover your Mission in Life



 Five 60 Minute Sessions - $350

Forest Road

"The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why." ~ Mark Twain

Meaning is to our soul what air, food and shelter are to our body. Without it, our failures look like total collapse and our victories do not satisfy us lastingly.

A mission statement is a focus for our time and energy. It gives us meaning and direction. It is a North star, a compass, a gauge, a guide.

A mission doesn't have to be grand or full of trials. But discovering your purpose in life gives you the energy, focus, and guidance you need to make the changes you want.

We will draw inspiration from the ideas of visionaries like Edgar Cayce and Carl Jung to:

  •  Clarify your core value - your personal spiritual ideal: peace, love, joy, creation...

  • Take inventory of your talents, abilities and strengths - the touchstones of your purpose in life.

  • Choose the words that express your mission statement - the gift you have to offer the world in order to move it forward.

  • View your life path from a broader perspective that you can always rely on to empower you and not be discouraged by hardship.

The protocol requires five 60 minutes sessions. Valentine will guide you through fun and enlightening exercises and help you put together a concrete plan of action. 

Can be done in person or on Zoom.

Rock Maze

meet the healer


Valentine par Bianca.JPG

Ph.D, E-RYT 500

What is the Good Life? What makes a Life worth living? This is the central question of all philosophy, and I pursued a Ph.D in philosophy to explore that question, and many others.

What I love about the Mission in Life process I offer here is that it brings together the insights of philosophy and psychology ancient and modern, and makes the deepest, most important question completely accessible to all, regardless of educational background.

This is also a very creative process that allows for a genuine change of perspective AND results in a concrete action plan. It has been instrumental in my own journey of self-empowerment and actualization, so I am delighted to be sharing it with you now!


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