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Sound Healing



Healing Therapy


Using large scale tuning forks meticulously tuned to resonate with specific points in the glandular system, The Sound Healer facilitates a harmonious flow of energy throughout the body. Whether experienced individually for a personalized journey, or in a group setting for collective resonance, these sessions offer a transformative sonic experience aimed at restoring balance and fostering inner healing. 

crystal bowl sound healing

Vibrational crystal bowl sound healing has been shown to help reduce stress, promote restful sleep, and relax tension in the body by producing a specific resonance and tone. Our healers use a combination of crystal singing bowls and handheld practitioner bowls which are tuned to specific chakras. Some of our healers also use a gong upon request.

Private sound sessions can be done individually or for groups up to four people. For group scheduling, you will book your session online individually, and pay for additional members in person at your session.

Singing Bowl

meet the healers




Lauren Griffin is a dedicated sound healer who channels the transformative power of sound to nurture healing and balance. With a deep understanding of the profound impact that harmonious vibrations can have on the human experience, Lauren weaves a tapestry of soundscapes using an eclectic mix of instruments. From Crystal singing bowls and Merkabas to ethereal chimes and resonant tuning forks, each session with Lauren is a journey into sonic rejuvenation. Rooted in a genuine passion for helping others achieve holistic well-being, Lauren's practice extends beyond traditional modalities, incorporating both ancient wisdom of sound alchemy and modern techniques such as Biotuning to create a space where individuals can reconnect with their inner harmony.

Lauren's approach is marked by a compassionate presence and an intuitive understanding of the unique needs of each person. Through carefully crafted sessions, Lauren guides individuals on a sonic exploration, facilitating a release of tension and promoting a sense of inner peace. Whether in a one-on-one setting or group workshop, Lauren's sound healing sessions are not just auditory experiences but transformative encounters that resonate with the soul. With a mission to bring healing frequencies to a broader audience, Lauren actively engages in community events, fostering a collective journey towards wellness and self-discovery through the universal language of sound.




I began to research and practice sound healing after I realized that EVERYTHING IS VIBRATION: sound, touch, food, images, scents. These vibrations are absorbed by the body, and when not properly digested, negative energies get stuck. These undigested energies are the cause of karma.

Through personal practice I have develop a sound healing technique using crystal bowls, aroma therapy, guided meditation and assisted yoga to increase your energetic vibration in order to help you digest and heal karma and emotions.

Through this combination of healing my clients and I have learned to be grounded, we have developed better connection to our physical and subtle energies.

I am available for private, group sessions and everything in between.

We will begin with a consultation to better understand your needs and expectations.

I look forward to helping you on your healing journey!




Anna Cardona

Driven by her passion for the transformative power of sound, Anna
embarked on an exploration of ancient sound healing techniques, delving into the depths of history to uncover the wisdom and knowledge passed down through generations. Fearless, she also ventured into the realm of quantum mechanics, seeking to understand the intricate relationship between sound, energy, and the human body.

Anna has harnessed her vast understanding of ancient practices and merged it with the cutting-edge insights of quantum mechanics, enabling her to identify and utilize the ideal frequencies for healing to facilitated remarkable transformations in the lives of countless individuals who have sought her guidance and healing touch. 


Anna has successfully treated such conditions as insomnia, back and neck pain, anxiety, and depression. Her therapeutic sessions have proven instrumental in relieving suffering and restoring harmony to her clients' lives.


30 Minute Session - $50

60 Minute Session - $80

For groups up to 4 people, add $20 per person for 30 minute session.

For groups up to 4 people, add $40 per person for 60 minute session.


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