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“Just Breathe. You are strong enough to handle your challenges, wise enough to find solutions to your problems, and capable enough to do whatever needs to be done.”

– Lori Deschene

Breathwork is self love.

Our natural state of harmony and balance is love. Self-love is the key to healing. It’s the antidote for everything. When felt and expressed it expands and uplifts you. 

Breathwork is an active meditation that gets you out of your head and into your body and heart. Each session is individualized and tailored to your personal needs. Using the Ancient Eastern breathing techniques, music, and essential oils, you will be guided through a somatic journey of emotional release and healing.


Breathwork is a 2-part pranayama breath done
through the mouth while laying down. You will travel through stages of active breath moving energy in the body followed by a reflective rest period to intuitively integrate your session.

Through the Breath you will find healing by opening up your heart and allowing self-love to become your anchor.

Our nervous system constantly signals to the brain whether or not we feel safe. We must feel comfortable and at peace in our bodies in order to make alternative choices.

During sessions, clients report their nervous systems relaxing and a genuine sense of falling into their bodies.


Other benefits of Breathwork may include:

Calm mind; Increased self-awareness; Inspiration; Confidence; Creativity; Clarity; Lower blood pressure; Improved sleep; Better digestion; Improved immunity; Overcoming fears and negativity; Banishing unhealthy habits; Overcoming Trauma; Working through grief; Breaking down barriers; Finding Connection; Realizing your dharma. 

meet the healers


Discover the strength, beauty, and power you have within!


Kelly will guide you through this experiential meditation, taking you on a divine Breath journey through the darkness of your shadows with an intentionally created musical stream.

Kelly will hold a safe and nurturing space, allowing you to work through any grief, anxiety, or depression and to heal from your past traumas. The Breathwork is a session where you give yourself the freedom to feel all the difficult emotions we stifle or repress. The body keeps the score and all the anger, despair, sadness, grief that we hold onto and contain must be released. By permitting yourself to dive into the body and connect with the breath and your heart, you release these festering emotions, freeing yourself from causing dis-ease and deeper pain. Along this journey, you are guided to find the truth, innocence, strength, and hope within you, to realize all you have overcome, and appreciate the divine life you are living to manifest to your dreams.



Every breath brings you closer to yourself.


I am here to educate you to be brave on your inner journey and live a fulfilling life by teaching you to honor everything that is inside of you. We start our session by talking about where you feel stuck, where you want to release, and where you want to bring in clarity. After that, I'll teach you a basic breathing pattern and I will guide you through a cooperative healing process. I refer to it as a partnership because, although you are exerting yourself physically and mentally, I will be providing you with guidance, support, and space. You may alchemize/shift/transform energy and awaken your mind
with breathwork. Each session is individual and tailored to you and your experience.

Breathwork helps you develop a mindful, loving, and intimate relationship with yourself. You learn to stand firm and gracefully in the face of adversity. You learn to love and be patient with yourself as you navigate triggers and activations. As you peel back the layers of conditioning and programming that we accumulate as children, you learn to speak to yourself tenderly.

Let's work together and navigate through it! I am here to hold space for you. It is safe for to be you here.


60 Minute Session - $80

For groups up to 4 people, add $40 per person for 60 minute session.


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