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Discover the healing power of tuning forks

and balance your nervous system


  • Single Session (90 minutes) - $108

  • Complete biotuning (three 90 minutes sessions) - $300

Biotuning uses tuning forks' vibro-acoustic therapeutic power to bring a person’s nervous system into homeostasis (balance). Some immediate benefits include relief from stress and anxiety; feeling more energetic and clear headed; feeling seen; expansion of consciousness; physical and emotional healing.


We each a have a natural fundamental frequency. You and I were each born with a specific subtle sound we emit. Some life experiences and the patterns we create in reaction to these experiences can create distortions in the harmony of our sound. These distortions correlate with specific thought forms, physical, or emotional imbalances--or dis-ease. 


In a custom Biotuning session you will lie down fully clothed while Lauren uses her tuning forks and deep listening skills to identify what thought forms create a distortion in your field. She will create a magnetic pitch to help your body flush out old patterning and integrate new, healthier ones.  


Single Biotuning sessions can be used for physical healing, sore muscles, broken bones, fascial release, stress release, and even anti-aging!**


*Complete Biotuning (three 90 minutes sessions) also  includes ancestral healing and family healing!


**People who are pregnant and people who are undergoing chemotherapy should not pursue biotuning. 


meet the healer



Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

I am passionate about helping people embrace their Sovereignty, and the largely undiscovered healing modality of Biotuning is a subtle and powerful way to create the tangible changes you want.


I have spent so much of my life struggling to dig myself out of the after effects of abuse and of undiagnosed neurodivergence. I did all the things, therapy, etc. It helped some, but not enough. 


With Biotuning there was finally a real change in the pitch of my energy and it worked. It has empowered me to free myself from long-standing toxic mental and emotional patterns and to make better choices--eat healthy, stop biting my nails ...


Sound frequency transcends language, grammar, the mind: it can bypass our old self-sabotaging stories and worries! It is a powerful frequency medicine for people with any form of ADD, ADHD, and autism of all types.


Come enjoy a Biotuning session and remember that you are free!


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