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The placement of the celestial bodies at the time of birth is a back door to your psyche. An astrological reading will provide you with an in-depth look at how you choose to navigate your life, your emotions, your love & communication style and how you handle conflict.


30 Minute Session - $40

60 Minute Session - $70

90 Minute Session - $90

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I was raised speaking three languages with my mother: Spanish, English, and the language of the stars ... Astrology. I was the archetypal Gemini child: an inquisitive, spongelike, chatterbox that loved to learn. I was soaking up everything my adoring, mystical Scorpio mother (a devout Linda Goodman student herself) taught me. In high school, I intuited sun signs of friends and acquaintances on the fly. I, of course, didn't recognize this as the spiritual gift it was!As they say, the sun sees our body, the moon sees our soul. Ten years ago, I unfolded the next dimension of my astrological study: the placement of all planets and celestial bodies at the time of birth. Some describe a natal chart as a back door to the psyche, and this has certainly been my experience. The moment a soul chooses to incarnate tells a story about how a person communicates, how they show love, the way they handle conflict. It shows strengths and challenges... skills that come naturally and other predispositions we may have to work through in order to realize our soul's path.Eventually, I noticed the birth chart readings were consistently full of communications unrelated to astrology... that when I saw a birth chart, information began to come through my psyche for the individual whose chart I was reading. I became a friend and counselor to many I have given readings to and realized how empowering these readings were for my loved ones and others in my community. Ideas they had wondered about or wanted to pursue were now confirmed and had new life breathed into them.I know you are here on Earth to live your passion and pursue your bliss. If you are looking for insight into your chart in a way you can understand and practically apply in your own life, I would love to be of service. Feel free to email me with any questions or for help in booking an appointment at


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