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Delta Groove Yoga's Numerology Sessions are based on Tantric Numerology from the Kundalini Yoga system. Using the numbers from your birthdate, we look at where your strengths and weaknesses tend to ebb and flow in your life to help you become aware of and direct these qualities towards your higher purpose. From your numerological information, we will develop a personal Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practice to use as a consistent tool for the development of your spiritual practice

This consultation is a great way to set a daily discipline for yourself, as it will include a full yoga practice and a recommended mantra and/or breath meditation. We encourage all of our Kundalini students to move towards developing their own personal practice to work into and practice for 40 days or more.  It's these daily disciplined practices that will show you the most transformative & healing results.

A 60 minute session includes your Soul, Karma, Challenge, & Gift numbers. A 90 minute reading includes a full chart reading, Strength, Projection, Destiny, Heart, Soul, Karma, Challenge, Gift, & Final numbers​.

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60 Minute Session - $70

90 Minute Session - $90

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Olivia loves teaching people how to use the technology of meditation to alter a negative behavior pattern into something more positive and uplifting. She likes to use mantra for their sound vibrations, because they work like a computer algorithm for your brain. The universe is the computer, mantras are the code, and we are the programmers. 


In a meditation consult, she will work with you to find the right code for you. Once these mantras - mind frequency liberators - stimulate and activate the glands in the brain’s higher centers; then she uses intention setting exercises and guided visualizations to help you reset and renew for more clarity and consciousness in your daily life. 


She also uses contemplative meditation practices based on modern day neuropsychology. In these meditations, she will help you work with your emotional triggers and apply antidotal intention setting practices. 




Meditation is one of those words that has a wide connotation of meanings, causing a scattered range of understanding on what experiencing reality in and through meditation means.


Meditation allows for one to view the internal world and connect self to Self. We use different techniques including our breath, gaze, sound, (gong, mantra, and rhythm) posture, and intention to move energy in the body creating as well as deepening into the depths of reality; The What Is. 


There are states of being that make sense or even advantageous to experience through meditations.


Self-Mastery is a real place to be-in that we can create with-in.

We want to sustain a vibration that allows for full being resonation with itself, with environment, with What Is.


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