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Reasons one may enlist a healer are numerous. Perhaps you are having migraines since you ran into an abusive family member last Thanksgiving. Or you are unable to carve time out of your schedule to help yourself heal, but you have no issue packing your schedule when others need you. Maybe you had an incredible meditation or friend or process that helped you open and heal to a certain point and now you feel stagnant or like you've hit a plateau. At some point, we become aware that we have reached an impasse in our healing journey. Or maybe there's no impasse, you are just looking for someone to listen that's aware of energy on a more subtle level. Maybe your higher self is asking you to reach out to someone who has walked this sacred healing path and survived to help you find YOUR way.


30 Minute Session - $45

60 Minute Session - $70

90 Minute Session - $90

Add our Amethyst Biomat to your healing service for an additional $25

meet the healers

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Energy can be neither created nor destroyed but only transformed. By intuitively getting a sense of the current state of one's own energy, we are more able to understand the precise need and tools to encourage a natural transformation of this force. Bringing forth that purest aspect of self as it sheds away the blockages preventing its manifestation. Emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual sickness is a result of stagnant energy; energy that is prevented from freely flowing from one end of the body to the other. These blockages or stagnant energy can be alleviated by many ways including but not limited to: Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Breathwork, Sound, Dancing, Talking, and Crying. Each Session will be different from one another depending on what the blockage is and how the energy wants to flow.




I began my intuitive path as a child of an intuitive and a family line that is very learned when it comes to soul evolution and energy recovery. I was taught how to shield myself from a young age, and I understood that as a sensitive child, I would have intensely emotional days. Since learning more about myself and my gift, I have continued in my study of the stars and continued to pursue and realize my dreams of being an intuitive energetic healer.

I have been a reiki healer for five years and an astrologer since before I can actually remember. Studying both quantum physics AND mysticism, I believe God to be that space where quantum theory meets The Great Mystery. That alternate realities, perspectives, and modalities for living a productive life are available to each of us. 

After seven years of traditional talk therapy, I had learned I had certainly been raised in a different way. As my therapist released me, I had just begun my journey down the kundalini yoga rabbit hole. I had multiple healers and guides and friends expose me to many different ways to heal. I realized I was in search of an answer: How do I move forward with an open heart and maintain healthy energetic boundaries? How do I continue to engage those I love from a heart-centered space of compassion? How do I curb self-judgment and self-criticism yet still hold myself to the highest standards of growth and self-discipline? Please feel free to email me whatever you are going through and we can start a conversation about where and how to help yourself heal and grow.


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